Pro Bowler

   Rs. 20000


With years of experience both playing and coaching at the highest levels, DHURI SIR and his High Performance coaching team have crafted a bespoke 7-week PROGRAM which will cover the comprehensive needs of the modern bowler in all formats of the game. With the expertise of Sports academy of Gurukul llp, specialist High Performance consultants and International and First Class coaches combined with world class facilities, Sports academy of Gurukul llp Cricket offers a PROGRAM which is individualized and specific to work on all the elements of your game through various interventions including One on One Sessions, Master classes, Middle Scenarios and Pressure Sessions. This holistic approach aims to develop and upskill bowler men in an environment tailor made for enhancing performance. SAG LLP will provide constant feedback to the players and their respective countries and counties through our player management system which will ensure seamless communication for an integrated process.

This course is only for players who have reached or are currently playing at a first class level and offers a perfect opportunity for professionals to take responsibility for their own games whilst receiving tuition from top coaches to prepare for the upcoming northern hemisphere season.


SAG LLP also welcomes professional coaches an opportunity to develop and contribute to the PROGRAM for any duration to ensure integration with the player and a continuity of learning for both players and coaches. Under the guidance and mentorship of Sports academy of Gurukul llp, coaches will have access to workshops covering topics of leadership and player management as well as opportunities to manage sessions to allow for an holistic coaching experience.

1. Rs. 20000 per month for 12 session in 1 month
2. Full time PROGRAM me (Monday to Friday)
3. Max. 12 Players
4. Full access to Gym
5. Full SAG LLP Training Kit
6. Alternative skills and training sessions including fielding
7. Tactical & video analysis sessions (made available on Player Management System)
8. Weekly off field excursions and experiences

When does the Pro Bowler PROGRAM take place?  (7 Weeks with one ‘recovery’ week in the middle) WHERE thane

What are the costs involved? Rs. 2800 per player

Discounts available on request for more than 2 players per Country

PROGRAM excludes:
1. Flights
2. Accommodation
3. Transport
4. Meals

Upon request Sports academy of Gurukul llp Cricket can offer preferential options in this regard

When does the 10-week programme take place?

Pro Bowler can be arranged with the coach for dates that are suitable for both of you.

Sports Academy of gurukul llp upvan centre thane

Near bhakt kalyan ganapati mandir, Thane West, Thane, Maharashtra 400606

What are the costs involved?

The Pro Bowler is Rs. 20000 per month for 12 session in 1 month with the below time options:

  • 30 min
  • 45 min
  • 60 min

A registration fee of Rs. 3000 is payable on joining each year which will cover all admin fees and SAG T-Shirt and Cap. All fees are payable in advance and one month notice is required to cancel lessons at SAG. Lessons will not be refunded or made up if the player is absent as we have a 24 hour cancellation policy. Bad weather lessons will be rescheduled.

All cricketers need to bring their own equipment. SAG will have coaching equipment and tools for each lesson. All players to wear training shoes and their SAG shirt and cap to all lessons.