ShareFile can be described as secure content collaboration and file sharing computer software solution that helps businesses deal with the work of document-centric responsibilities. It provides cloud-based and on-premises storage alternatives, client sites, and virtual data rooms. It is a merchandise of Citrix Systems. The software program is designed for teams to collaborate in projects and share files most notable.

ShareFile uses OAuth bridal party for authentication, which is an open standard that permits companies to authenticate users without using a pass word. The tokens are placed for up to seven hours, and admins can revoke them at any time. Even though this isn’t zero-knowledge authentication, that makes for a much more secure environment and provides better file management control.

Another great characteristic of ShareFile is their integration with RightSignature, a great e-signing system. You can sign up for this provider for between $11 to $99 per month, based on your needs. ShareFile also has integrations with ScanSnap scanners and Worldox document management systems.

In terms of pricing, ShareFile offers competitive pricing and a free 30-day trial. For much more advanced features, however , you have to purchase a advanced or advanced subscription. For businesses that are leveraging a couple of cloud-based systems, this characteristic is essential. The company offers various support options. You can use the Citrix Support Knowledge Middle, and you can likewise access the ShareFile user manual.

Citrix ShareFile’s customer support is based on an online web form and chat support. Citrix offers cellular phone support, yet only to admins. Citrix provides an extensive library of training video clips and self-contained user courses.